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Best Foot Forward


Your source for all things new at QUADRA-BOX®. See where and what we've been doing and who we've been doing it with!


Best Foot Forward

Rob Butchart

As we start our journey it's important that we do things right and state from the beginning our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

1. Waste. We hate waste and are deeply saddened to see so much rubbish in the world around us. This is why we keep our packaging simple, ship from our website in a single carton and use no plastic wrap or bags. This is why we have chosen a specific foam type and layered design that is easy to cut and modify so our products can be adapted and continue their useful existence.

2. If we CAN help, we SHOULD. We believe in giving back and this is why we support Transaid. Transaid's mission is to identify, champion, implement and share local transport solutions which improve access to basic services and economic opportunity for poor people in developing countries. Whether it is providing transport solutions to deliver urgent care for expectant mothers in Uganda or health services for newborns in Zambia, Transaid's work is making a difference and we proud to support them. (More on this coming up).

3. Safe and Responsible flying. Our new drone world is, despite not always feeling so, still in its infancy. In order to continue flying we ALL need to take a stand and only fly when it is safe and appropriate to do so. This is why we promote responsible and legal flying and  highlight those who champion drone safety.

As we grow, we will do more...

Thank you for reading, have amazing flights and safe landings.