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Custom Fitting QB1 for DJI Phantom 4


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Custom Fitting QB1 for DJI Phantom 4

Rob Butchart

QB1 comes configured to fit the DJI Phantom 3 perfectly. But, it's also designed to be easily configurable for the Phantom 4 and other similar sized quads. This philosophy is part of our commitment to minimising waste and making it easy to update and modify our products to extend their useful life.

There are 3 simple customisations required...

  • Landing Gear. P4's landing sleds are a little longer than the P3.
  • Gimbal Clamp. The P4's upgraded gimbal clamp needs a little more room.
  • Battery. The P4's longer flight time requires a larger battery.

For detailed instructions please watch our video!

If you want to know if QB1 can be custom fitted to your drone fill in the feedback form and let us know make and model.